Monday, July 9, 2007

Jazzpurr: Snowshoe, or... ?

Latte recently informed The Blonde One that I am a Snowshoe Meezer. She was wondering if my best bud Jazzpurr is one too? Here's his mug shot:

And here's one of the two of us together.

Jazzpurr is much more vocal than I am, his eyes are very blue and a bit crossed at times, and he's also much skinnier. He was an abandoned kitty down in Florida, and we know nothing at all about his mum and dad. Does anyone want to clue The Blonde One in on this one? Jazzpurr and I know, but we're not tellin'!


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

He is a snowshoe too! (He's also really cute and so are you!). Meowmy says that Snowshoes come in all different varieties and coat variations because they aren't 100% meezer. So many breeds have Siamese blood and they all express differently. There is the Ocicat, Oriental, and Sphynx to name a few. Coat colors are really very intriguing! So that is our opinion: you are both snowshoes!


Toby said...

Thanks, Latte! You're pretty handsome yourself!

The Blonde One is very excited to finally know what we are. Of course we have other secrets we're not tellin'.


Jeter and Mickey said...

deer toby,
i wuz reedin a comment u left fer owr grate frend skeezix ... an i thot i wood come over to say "hi".
i like yer blog ... an i wanna say dat i'm sorree i missed yer birfday in june!
pleez come vizit.
yer frend--jh

Toby said...

Hi, Jeter! Thanks for comin' by. Funny thing... I was visiting you this morning while you were visiting me. But The Blonde One had to go somewhere and shut off the computer before I could say hi at your blog.

And it's ok about the birthday. They didn't even cook the fish for me anyway.

小芥 michico said...

Snow shoes are great~!
I think both of you are cute~!

jazzpurr said...

Thank you Michico! And thanks for stopping by our blog. You are a real cute tuxie too!

Toby said...

Welcome, Michico!

Oh, and Jazzpurr, "our" blog? Since when?

Baxter said...

ok, what's the difference between a Siamese and a meezer?

jen elslager said...

No difference. Meezer is just the 'pet name' for a Siamese.