Monday, May 28, 2007

I am not an only cat. :(

Meet my housemates. I'm on the far left, and going clockwise, there's Pinos, Jazzpurr, Lil' Jen, and Wisper.

Pinos is a 14 year old male, Jazzpurr is an 11 year old male, Lil' Jen is a 9 year old female, and Wisper is a 15 year old female. I'm 4 years old.

My Scratching Post already had Wisper and Pinos before he married The Blonde One. Then he found Jazzpurr and gave him to her when they were dating. She didn't really like Jazzpurr much at first because he was at that awkward, gangly stage and kept running around the house and crashing into things and meowing really loud. She thought he was nuts, but he grew on her. I think he must have been so cool! He's my best bud.

Lil' Jen came along later. My Scratching Post named her after The Blonde One. He thinks it's funny, but she thinks it's weird, and slightly embarassing. Lil' Jen is kind of cool, except she growls at everyone when we eat cuz she thinks we're gonna get more than her. She's an animal!

Pinos is pretty nice, but we don't talk much. He stays mostly to himself, except sometimes he snuggles with Lil' Jen.

Wisper is really kind of irritating. See the door in the picture? She did that. She's gonna break through one day. They all live in the basement cuz they don't stay off the table and counters as good as me. I know how to wait till no one is looking, but they just hop right up! Also, Pinos has a little pee problem, and he ruined the carpet at the last place my family lived (that was before they found me). But don't tell anyone about the pee thing, cuz he's incredibly sensitive.

So anyway, that's the crew. I'll fill you in on more about them later.



Baxter said...

Well, Toby, do you get to play with your friends in the house or do you have to go in the basement to play with them? Do you or they ever go outside? You better get used to everyone asking you a bunch of questions now that you are a model. Watch out for the paparazzi!

Toby said...

Occasionally, they come up. Occasionally, I go down. But I don't like it down there, and I let The Blonde One know about it! None of us go outside, because there are maniacs in big noisy moving machines out there! I'd like to go out and hang with the ducks though. I watch them from in here, and it looks like they have fun.

Annette said...

Toby you must tell your people to build you an outdoor run. They are easy (well...relatively so) to build and YOU would be able to rule! :)

it would give you even more bugs to chase down and save the world from.

Sounds good doesn't it?

Toby said...

The other cats have access to an outdoor area, but I'd have to go through the basement to get to it. I hear my Scratching Post is building some building outside, so I doubt he'd take the time right now to do such a thing for me. Maybe I should just be like my buddy Jasper and live by his motto: If the door opens, make a run for it!

Nah, that would break The Blonde One's heart. She adores me...