Sunday, May 27, 2007


They call me Toby, but my real name is Zorbanorf, slayer of the flies. But we'll just go with Toby for now.

A cat's life is a pretty good one. Lots of decent food, plenty of affection (sometimes too much!), and even the occasional hunting opportunity when some foolhardy bug makes it's way into my domain.

I've been visiting a few cat blogs with The Blonde One, and you guys are terrific! It's way cool to read about all the interesting things you're all doing. And may I say, there are some fine looking felines out there. (But my heart belongs to Katieluv.)

I don't know just how much I'll be able to get involved in things like Meezer Mondays, or that Thirteen thing , but maybe
I'll be able to get on my computer more often when life settles down a bit for The Blonde One and My Scratching Post (trust me, he asks for the scratching).



Dennis Elslager said...

This is your "Scratching Post" here. You think you're a tough kitty just because you can draw blood from me now and then when I hand wrestle you but I will learn yet how to pin you down without your claws buried into my arm. Then you will respect me and not walk around here like you're the top cat! You strut your stuff around here and steal my wife's attentions all the time. I've had enough of your ways, kitty!

Toby said...